Five Tips For Maintaining Optimal Vaginal Health


Most women go to see doctors because of vaginal problems. They experience symptoms such as itching, burning, pain, abdominal bleeding, discharge just to mention a few. The common causes of vaginal problems include yeast infections, bacterial infections, trichomoniasis among others. Some other causes of vaginal symptoms include STIs vulvar cancer or vaginal cancer.

Treatment of vaginal problems can prove to be expensive and will depend on the cause. If you are wondering how to improve vaginal health, here are a few clues to help you maintain a healthy vagina.

Avoid using soap

If your vagina could have a chat with you, one of the many things it would tell you is that you should stop using soap. Your vagina doesn’t need to be cleaned using soap, and so you should honor its wishes. Some soaps are harsh or scented, and when they get in contact with your vagina, many issues may arise.


Instead of using soap, you can consider using the many feminine washes that have flooded the market. However, to ensure optimal vaginal health avoid using soap. Water will just do fine because you don’t need to over wash your vagina. It’s worth noting that the feminine washes are for cleaning the exterior and not the interior of the vagina.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about theĀ dark skin around your genitals, you should look for the bestĀ vagina whitening cream. Again, you should not be using the regular skin whitening soap that you can find in the market.

Avoid perfumed products

If you are fond of using deodorizing wipes, scented washes, scented dryer sheets just to mention a few, you should stop using them because the perfume that they contain can cause irritation. If you are experiencing odor problem caused by unbalanced pH masking, it won’t solve the problem. In fact, unusual fragrances can alert others that you may have a problem even when you don’t. Visiting your gynecologist is the way to solve the problem without using perfumes. Don’t worry even if your vagina doesn’t smell like roses because its supposed to have a unique scent.

Visit your gyno

If you are looking to maintain vaginal health, it’s important to pay your gynecologist a visit at least once annually to ensure that everything is well. If you are having issues, they can be sorted out before they develop into major issues. Apart from diagnosing and treating vaginal problems, a visit to your gyno will also help you find out whether you have cervical cancer or not. Most women around the world avoid going for cervical cancer screening because they are not aware of how it’s claiming many lives all over the world.

Put on cotton underwears

Coton underwears are still sexy. Additionally, they are breathable. What many women are not knowledgeable of is that they should put on panties that allow their vagina to breathe. They wear tight spandex underwears and thongs that rub and trap bacteria causing irritations and infections. Let’s be honest. Nothing is as sexy as a healthy vagina.

Maintain healthy vaginal pH

jjd894Vaginal pH matters a lot. A healthy vagina should be slightly acidic with a pH range of between 3.5 and 5 and when the balance is disrupted you risk problems such as pesky vaginal odor. Since your vagina is very delicate and pH is critical, negligible issues like sex or period can set off the balance. What is interesting is that you can’t run away from the two!